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Drone Features and Benefits

Unparalleled features for the ultimate in flight safety and experience.

Meet the CEO

Richard Holloman – Chief Executive Officer of Mobodyne.  Listen to Rich in an interview about his experience overseas and in Vietnam, click here.

Mimicking nature’s aerial superpowers! Above traffic, over obstacles, stand on mountains. Until now, the sky has been empty of truly safe, practical, quiet, affordable Cloudsters & Flyers. Fly the dream.

Rich Holloman
Aerial Flyover
Mobodyne Passenger Drones

Forget about traffic, Let's Fly!

To-date there are no passenger drones being used within our airways. Let’s discuss this ground-breaking opportunity for Mobodyne and partnerships therein.

Recreation & Film

Lands on water and all terrain - lift base jumpers, skiers, bikers, campers, hunters, hikers, photographers, naturalists, wildlife managers, surveyors, filming and movies, sporting events, concerts, and more.

Mobodyne Passenger Drones
Drone Search and Rescue Mission
Emergency Response Unit

Search & Rescue

Our primary focus here has been in discussion with USAF, DOD, NASA, Marines, Coast Gaurd, and more.

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