Team of Teams


Who are we: 

The Mobodyne team brings to manned flight, especially search & rescue operations, a new era of aerial vehicles that are disruptively safe, quiet, green, low-cost, simple to operate, adaptable, modular and scalable. These bio-inspired shape-shifting ORBs blend on-demand variable buoyancy lift with the latest in distributed propulsion-enabled winged dynamic lift for dramatically extended “float and fly” times aloft and optionally tethered operations.

What do we build: 

Sub-scale MoboFlyers can deploy singly or in swarms to position long-stare airborne sensors, as well as transition to high speed delivery/recovery of sensitive payloads, with or without re-deployable tethers for power and secure data transmission. Full-scale MoboFlyers will deliver heavier payloads of supplies, along with disaster response recovery of personnel.  These uniquely versatile shape-shifting variable buoyancy lift vehicles will safely, efficiently, and responsively stay aloft for an extended duration, then rapidly reposition to areas of critical operations (“dwell and dash”) within a wide range of surface and aerial locations and conditions.

What are we looking for: 

The Mobodyne team is tactically and strategically teaming with kindred developers of enabling technologies and subsystems — propulsion, automation, cryogenics, controls, etc. — as well as collaborating on ecosystem and infrastructure innovations by fellow OEMs, associations, research labs and government entities. 

Contact the CEO

Rich Holloman

Rich Holloman – CEO Mobodyne