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Mobodyne Passenger Drones

Mission Needs First: The Mobodyne team brings USAF manned flight a new era of aerial vehicles that are disruptively safe, quiet, green, low-cost, simple to operate, adaptable, modular, and scalable. These bio-inspired shape-shifting ORBs blend on-demand variable buoyancy lift with the latest in distributed propulsion-enabled winged dynamic lift for dramatically extended “float and fly” times aloft and optionally tethered operations.

Parallel Benefits: Mobodyne’s focus on support of USAF’s national defense-related mission needs to carry aloft search and recovery sensors, personnel-carrying recovery platforms, and supplies will likewise accelerate compelling commercial market cases. MoboFlyers will directly enhance the effectiveness of USAF’s coordination with numerous domestic and international agencies to detect and respond to persons requiring emergency rescue and support.

Scalable Solutions: Sub-scale MoboFlyers will deploy in swarms a position airborne sensor platforms. Full-scale MoboFlyers will deliver heavier payloads of supplies and support the physical recovery of affected persons. Of special value are such platforms that can safely, efficiently, and responsively stay aloft for an extended duration, then rapidly reposition to areas of critical operations (“dwell and dash”) within a wide range of surface and aerial locations and conditions.

Accelerated Deployment: By leveraging partner and legacy innovations, Mobodyne technology development under recently announced outreach initiatives will directly advance solutions to known and yet to be fully recognized critical USAF mission needs. The Mobodyne team deepens and broadens as a Variable Buoyancy Lift On Demand Center of Excellence as their direct mission impact will leapfrog traditional complex systems’ timeliness and validate commercial use cases, which in turn will multiply the returns on investment for USAF and for the nation.

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